Poster sessions form an integral part of the conference and will be displayed in prominent locations for the duration of the meeting. Presenters are requested to be at their posters during the formal sessions for a 5 min presentation (3 min plus 2 min discussion). Poster size should be 1,2m high by 1m wide (smaller than A0 size)

Delegates interested in presenting posters are requested to submit abstracts by 31 August 2017 via the website.

Guidelines for Poster Presentation

Please find herewith some information relating to the set up of your Poster Presentation:

  • Your official poster number should appear on the top left-hand side of your poster.
  • Posters will be displayed in the Exhibition Hall.
  • Posters should be designed in portrait format, with the size not exceeding 1,000mm x 2,400 mm (39.37” x 94.49″). You may consider A0 paper size (1,189 mm x 841 mm; 46.81″ x 33.11″) or B0 paper size (1,414mm x 1,000 mm; 55.67″ x 39.37″). We recommend that you print on canvas or cloth (easy transport), although traditional paper print with laminate will be fine.
  • Posters should include:
    • poster number (top left-hand corner)
    • poster title (top centre), followed by authors’ names, institution, corresponding email
    • poster body with content (such as introduction, materials and methods, results (including figures and tables), discussion and conclusions, references and acknowledgements).
  • Ensure good legibility, with the following as recommended guidelines:
    • Lettering should be legible from 1m (3.28 ft.) away
    • Use larger lettering for the poster’s title and authors’ name(s)
    • The font should be simple, clean-looking typeface that is easy to read
    • Capitals and lower-case letters in combination are easier to read than all capitals
    • Bullets may be helpful in summarising information
  • Poster presenters should stand at their posters during the designated times to give delegates the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Sources of funding should be acknowledged and any real or apparent conflict(s) of interest must be disclosed on your poster.
    • Double-sided tape (broad, not narrow) to fit the poster on a PVC surface of the poster board. Some double sided tape will be provided.
    • Nails, glue and staple guns may not be used. Prestick and similar putty-like adhesives do not work well.